David M. Barnard

David M. Barnard CV

BcCZO Postdoctoral Fellow

  • BcCZO Postdoctoral Fellow


  • PhD: Colorado State University, 2014
  • MS: Oregon State University, 2010
  • BS: University of Florida, 2006

Contact Information

(Office) 303 492-9967


Forest physiology; ecohydrology; snow hydrology.

Research Interests

Water availability to vegetation is inherently linked to snow melt rates in systems with transient or seasonal snow cover. Moreover, the physiological and biophysical functioning of vegetation is determined by the timing and volume of snow melt which can lead to a variable influence of vegetation on the site energy balance and snow melt rates. My research is focused on characterizing these vegetation-snowpack interactions and their potential implications in the functioning of montane and sub-alpine forests.