Holly R. Barnard

Dr. Holly Barnard introduces transpiration measurement techniques to graduate students at the HJ Andrews Experimental Forest.
Students in Forest Geography examine soils in the sub-alpine of the Niwot Ridge LTER (Sept. 2011).





Current Courses

  • GEOG 5100-002: Writing and Presenting in Physical Science


    Graduate seminar on scientific writing and presentation skills, with focus on clarity, structure and common pitfalls in our communications. We will also discuss approaches to reviewing papers, writing reviews, and responding to reviewers.

Past Courses

  • GEOG 4371/5371: Forest Geography Examines of principles of forest ecology with focus on individual tree responses to environmental factors and species interactions within communities
  • GEOG 1001: Environmental Systems I: Climate and Vegetation Introduction to the atmospheric environment of the Earth: elements and controls of climate and their implications for weather, vegetation and biodiversity
  • GEOG 3511: Introduction to Hydrology Introduction to both the principles of hydrology as well as the techniques that can be used to solve hydrologic problems. The goal is to give students a balanced view of hydrology- one that includes a description of the physical processes as well as a coherent presentation of the theories and techniques that are used in practice.
  • GEOG 5100: The Earth's Critical Zone A graduate level reading, writing, and discussion course focused on catchment scale critical zone processes with specific attention given to carbon-water interactions.
  • GEOG 5241: Stable Isotopes in Environmental Science Survey of recent topics and literature involving applications of stable isotope ratio method in ecological and environmental science
  • GEOG 5241: Ecohydrology and Soils Survey of current topics and literature related to ecohydrology, soil, and disturbance

Postdocs & Students