Irina Overeem

I have always greatly enjoyed sharing my enthusiasm for the Earth Sciences. As a teacher I want to inspire, provide opportunities and empower. I see science as a process that highlights questioning, discovery, challenge, and synthesis towards solution. For me, science and engineering is all about investigating the world around oneself, and drawing conclusions based on a combination of collected data, hypotheses, and thorough analysis. If that can happen in the field, all for the better! I strive to pass along an exciting view of science, as well as a firm footing in methodologies and quantitative reasoning.


Excursion on Reservoir Geology in Spain

Sandbox experiments to teach about the effects of vegetation on river deposition


Current Courses

  • : River and Coastal System Modeling


    Two day short course on numerical modeling with a variety of models, teach this every summer for about 30 US and International students in the National Center for Earth Dynamics Summer Institute, University of Minnesota.

Past Courses

  • GEOG 5700: Surface Process Modeling: applying the CSDMS Modeling Tool Numerical surface process modeling and hydrological modeling with the Community Surface Dynamics Modeling System-CSDMS- tools.
  • : Geological Modeling Hands-on course on numerical geological modeling techniques for process studies and subsurface modeling.
  • : Reservoir Geological Fieldwork 3 weeks fieldcourse on fluvial outcrop studies and quantitative reservoir geological architecture, taught in the Pyrennees in Spain.
  • : Sedimentary Geology and Tectonic Processes of the Ganges-Brahmaputra River System 2 weeks fieldschool on ‘Sedimentary Geology and Tectonic Processes of the Ganges-Brahmaputra River System’, 32 students, Bangladesh, February 2014.

Postdocs & Students