John T. Andrews


My research centers on using sediment properties, such as grain-size and X-ray diffraction determined mineralogy, to gain an understanding of ice/ocean interactions. My research centers on the northern marginal seas which link the North Atlangtic Ocdean to the Arctic Ocean.  Hence my currently NSF-funded research is focused on the Iceland and Greenland Seas, the Irminger Basin, Baffin Bay, and the Labrador Sea.  My temporal interest is broad—the last 2-3 Ma, but in pratical terms my main interest is the last 12,000 years at a century-scale, and the last glacial cycle at a millenial scale.  I am particularly interested in the records that span the interval between the Younger Dryas cold event and the so-called Heinrich events numbers 1 to 4.  A current research interest is how these are associated with abrupt climate events within Baffin Bay and which are associated with the Innuitian and Greenland ice sheets, and the NE Laurentide Ice Sheet.  A significant fraction of my research is co-ordinated with my colleague Anne Jennings.

My research is frequently in co-operation with national and international researchers.  In particular I have strong ties with researchers in Canada, especially the GETOP group at UQAM and GSC-Atlantic.  I am currently working with Dennis Darby (Old Dominion University) on a project with Anne Jennings on the drift ice history across the Denmark Strait.  This project also involves German researchers (Ruediger Stein and Matthias Moros) and a transect of cores at 73°N from NE Greenland.  In the future I hope to work on materials collected from E and W Greenland by Camilla Andresen from the Geological Survey of Greenland.

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