Keith Musselman

Keith Musselman

Research Associate


  • PhD : Civil Engineering, University of California at Los Angeles, 2012
  • MS: Hydrology, University of Arizona, 2006
  • BS: Geology, University of Vermont, 2003

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Terrestrial hydrology, hydrometeorology, and remote sensing in mountainous and forested seasonally snow-covered environments.

Research Interests

Societal dependence on snowmelt runoff and ecohydrological sensitivity to environmental changes are two factors motivating my interest in the science that serves to improve numerical predictive capacity and to inform sustainable water and land management practices.


The overarching goals of my research are to:

  • Evaluate the availability of freshwater in mountainous and forested seasonally snow-covered environments.
  • Evaluate the physical mechanisms and pathways responsible for the evolution of this freshwater.

Recent projects have included:

  • Slower snowmelt in a warmer world.
  • How does forest cover influence our water resources?
  • Uncertainty of windflow prediction methods in mountain hydrology.
  • Seasonal and inter-annual snow accumulation and melt patterns.


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