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Leif Anderson

Leif Anderson CV

PhD 2014 in Geological Sciences



  • BS: Montana State University-Bozeman, 2007

Contact Information

(Other) 303 509-4996


Geomorphology and Glaciology

Research Interests

I am interested the causes of glacier length variability through the Quaternary as well as the effects glacier length variability on the landscape. This currently involves researching 1) the response of Alaskan debris-covered glaciers to climate change; 2) the influence of interannual variability on glacier length and the moraine record; 3) the dating of Pre-Illianoian mountain glacier advances in the Rocky Mountains using cosmogenic radionuclides; and 4) the numerical modeling of Boulder Creek, CO fill terrace formation due to glacial-interglacial fluctuations in sediment flux.


  • Graduate Research Fellowship, NSF, 2010