People A to Z

Megan Caldwell

  • PhD Student/research assistant
  • Research Assistant


Fire and Forest Ecology
Remote Sensing
Ecosystem Services
Subalpine Ecosystems
Carbon and atmospheric fluxes

Erin Cantrell

  • MS Student
  • Graduate Research Assistant
  • Teaching Assistant in Geography


Aqueous Biogeochemistry, Hyporheic Exchange, Stream Metabolism

Patrick Cappa

  • Professional Research Assistant, Professional Scientist, Wet Lab Manager, Lab Chemist
  • Professional Research Assistant
  • Professional Scientist


Wet lab chemistry, isotope chemistry, maintenance and production of primary and secondary hOX radiocarbon standards and various other radiocarbon standards, lab glassblower, lab archivist.

Devin Castendyk

  • INSTAAR Affiliate
  • Senior Geochemist, Mine Environment Group at Golder


Open pit mines: pit lake analysis, predictive modeling, and closure planning. Mine water management, tailings management, contaminant source control, and water treatment.

Kaelin Cawley

  • INSTAAR Affiliate
  • Research Scientist, Battelle
  • Aquatic Ecologist, National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON)


Dissolved organic matter biogeochemistry.

Amy Churchill

  • PhD 2017


Examining the interactions between plant communities and ecosystem functions in alpine systems perturbed through anthropogenic deposition of nitrogen.

Cory Cleveland

  • INSTAAR Affiliate
  • Assistant Professor in Terrestrial Biogeochemistry, Department of Ecosystem and Conservation Sciences, University of Montana


Terrestrial ecosystem ecology and soil biogeochemistry. In general, his research focuses on understanding the biotic and abiotic controls over terrestrial biogeochemical cycling and ecosystem processes.

Jesse Colangelo

  • INSTAAR Affiliate
  • Research Associate, CU Boulder Department of Geological Sciences


Environmental microbiology and geochemistry. Investigates drivers and relicts of microbial evolution, focusing on the metabolically diverse bacteria of low energy subsurface marine sediments.

Courtney Collins

  • Postdoctoral Scholar


Ecosystem, community, population and microbial ecology;  field, greenhouse, and molecular sequencing techniques; syntheses of large and long term datasets.

Amy Concilio

  • Postdoctoral Scholar


Plant community ecology, global change biology, invasive species biology and management, rangeland ecology and management

Chris Conrad

  • M.S. 2014 in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences


Southern Ocean, ocean acidification, ocean biogeochemistry, marine carbon cycle, climate variability and change, ocean modeling.

Rory Cowie

  • Postdoctoral Research Scientist
  • Postdoctoral Research Scientist


Isotope hydrology and biogeochemistry. Mixing models and hydrograph separation techniques. Sourcing and age dating of groundwater.