People A to Z

Rachel Gabor

  • PhD 2013 in Environmental Studies
  • PhD Candidate, Environmental Studies
  • MS Candidate; Hydrology, Water Resources, and Fluid Mechanics Engineering
  • Graduate Research Assistant, INSTAAR


Hydrology, biogeochemistry, nutrient cycling, analytical spectroscopy.

Áslaug Geirsdóttir

  • INSTAAR Affiliate
  • Professor of Geology, Department of Earth Sciences and Institute of Earth Sciences, University of Iceland


Quaternary stratigraphy, glacial geology, paleoclimatology.

Mickey Glantz

  • Director, Consortium for Capacity Building (CCB)


African drought, the Aral Sea basin, desertification, food production problems and prospects; societal impacts of climate anomalies related to El Niño events and the use of El Niño-related teleconnections to forecast these impacts; developing methods of forecasting possible societal responses to the regional impacts of climate change; and the use of climate-related information for economic development.

Michael Gooseff

  • INSTAAR Associate Professor
  • Associate Professor, Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering
  • Co-Director of the Graduate Hydrologic Sciences Program