People A to Z

Timothy Kittel

  • Research Associate, INSTAAR
  • Faculty Director, Conservation Biology and Practice in Brazil's Atlantic Forest Global Seminar, Education Abroad Programs
  • Lecturer, CU Mountain Research Station
  • Graduate Faculty, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology


Global change biology and climate science.

John Knowles

  • INSTAAR Affiliate
  • Research Ecologist, USDA ARS Southwest Watershed Research Center


Ecohydrology; Micrometeorology; Biogeochemistry; Earth System Science

Josh Koch

  • INSTAAR Affiliate
  • Research Hydrologist, US Geological Survey


Josh Koch’s research focuses on hydrology and biogeochemistry in cold regions. He studies surface water/groundwater interactions, preferential flow and runoff mechanisms, and the impact of permafrost presence and thaw on hydrology, biogeochemistry, and aquatic ecosystems.

Vladimir G. Konovalov

  • INSTAAR Affiliate
  • Leading Scientific Researcher, Department of Glaciology, Institute of Geography, Russian Academy of Sciences


Glaciology, hydrology and climate in high mountain areas of the world.

Adrianne Kroepsch

  • MA graduate 2011
  • Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant, Center of the American West


The energy-water nexus in the American West.

Kristen Krumhardt

  • Postdoctoral Scholar


Marine phytoplankton, global carbon cycle dynamics, ocean acidification, marine microbial ecology, human-environment interactions