People A to Z

Mike SanClements

  • INSTAAR Affiliate
  • Staff Scientist, NEON


Soil science, ecology, and biogeochemistry, particularly the cycling of elements within natural systems and the response of these cycles to changing climate and atmospheric deposition.

Tania Schoennagel

  • Research Scientist of INSTAAR
  • Adjunct Faculty, Geography Department, CU-Boulder


Fire ecology, landscape ecology, geographic information systems (GIS), dendrochronology.

Guy Schumann

  • INSTAAR Affiliate
  • Scientist, Remote Sensing Solutions, Inc.


Currently working on R&D projects concerned with flood inundation modeling, floodplain mapping, and current and potential satellite missions for hydrology.

Tim Seastedt

  • Fellow of INSTAAR
  • Professor, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology


Terrestrial ecosystem ecology; causes and feedbacks of biotic change; grassland ecology; plant-soil-animal interactions.

Brian Seok

  • 2013 PhD


Atmospheric chemistry, biogeochemistry, biosphere-atmosphere interactions, air-snow gas exchange.

Julio Sepúlveda

  • Fellow of INSTAAR
  • Assistant Professor of Organic Geochemistry


Organic and stable isotope biogeochemistry, geobiology, biomarker research, paleoceanography, paleoclimate, extreme climates, mass extinction events.

Owen Sherwood

  • INSTAAR Affiliate
  • Assistant Professor, Earth Sciences, Dalhousie University


Paleoceanography; biogeochemistry; petroleum geology; coral reefs

Sam Simkin

  • INSTAAR Affiliate
  • Staff Scientist, NEON


Ecosystem ecology, plant community ecology, biogeochemistry, landscape ecology

Joel Singley

  • PhD student
  • Graduate Research Assistant
  • Lead Graduate Teacher - Environmental Studies/Graduate Teaching Program
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant - Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant - Environmental Studies


Hydrology, biogeochemistry, science outreach and education

Dena Smith

  • INSTAAR Affiliate
  • Curator of Invertebrate Paleontology, CU Museum of Natural History
  • Associate Professor of Geological Sciences

Eric Sokol

  • INSTAAR Affiliate
  • Research Scientist/Quantitative Ecologist, National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON)


I am an ecologist and my work focuses on understanding the processes that control patterns in biodiversity. This includes visiting and collecting data from diverse ecosystems as well using computer models to simulate and predict how metacommunity dynamics can be linked to diversity outcomes.

Sarah A. Spaulding

  • Research Scientist II and INSTAAR Fellow
  • Ecologist, US Geological Survey


My professional interest lies in diatoms, which are single-celled organisms contained within silica cell walls.

Robert F. Stallard

  • Fellow of INSTAAR
  • Research Hydrologist, U.S. Geological Survey
  • Research Scientist, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Panama


Biogeochemistry, hydrology, and geomorphology.

Sharon Stammerjohn

  • Senior Research Associate
  • Adjunct Assoc Research Scientist, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University


Polar oceanography and climate, interdisciplinary approaches to understanding environmental and ecosystem response to climate variability.

Susann Stolze

  • INSTAAR Affiliate
  • Research Associate and Lab Manager, Department of Geology and Geological Engineering, Colorado School of Mines

Brian Straight

  • Graduate Student
  • PhD Candidate, Civil Engineering
  • Teaching Assistant, Dept of Atmospheric and Oceanographic Sciences
  • Teaching Assistant, Dept of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • GK-12 Fellow, College of Engineering and Applied Science
  • Teaching Assistant, Dept of Civil Engineering

Jaia Syvitski

  • Fellow and Professor
  • Executive Director, CSDMS
  • Chair, IGBP


Oceanography, geological sciences, hydrology, numerical modeling, geophysics.