People A to Z

Samantha Weintraub

  • PhD 2014 in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology


Terrestrial biogeochemistry, carbon & nutrient cycling, soil development, tropical forests.

Kathy Welch

  • Senior Professional Research Assistant
  • Project Manager, McMurdo Dry Valleys Long-Term Ecological Research
  • Lab Manager, Arikaree Lab


McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica, geochemistry, analytical chemistry

Ethan Welty

  • INSTAAR Affiliate


Tidewater glacier dynamics, geographic information systems (GIS), photography, photogrammetry, computer vision.

James W. C. White

  • INSTAAR Fellow
  • Dean of Arts and Sciences, University of Colorado Boulder
  • Professor of Geological Sciences, University of Colorado Boulder


Global change, paleoclimate dynamics, biogeochemistry.

Will Wieder

  • Investigator, National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)


Soil biogeochemistry
Earth system modeling
Tropical forest ecology

Adam Wlostowski

  • Water Resources Scientist, Lynker Technologies


hydrology, surface water - groundwater interactions, hydrologic connectivity, numerical modeling, collection and analysis of long-term data

Chad Wolak

  • Laboratory Manager, Laboratory for AMS Radiocarbon Preparation and Research (NSRL)
  • Professional Research Assistant

Jeffrey Writer

  • INSTAAR Affiliate
  • Hydrologist, USGS
  • Research Associate, CEAE, CU-Boulder


Wildfire impacts on water quality and aquatic ecosystems, coupling of ecological and engineered infrastructure, fate and transport of emerging contaminants.