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PhD Candidate

  • Graduate Research Assistant

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  • MS: University of Colorado, 2018
  • BS: University of Minnesota, 2014

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thermal hydrology, computational modeling

Research Interests

Mickey’s Ph.D thesis research uses coupled thermo-hydrologic modeling to understand how changing mountain snowpacks may contribute to changes in seasonally frozen ground formation, and to what extent such frozen soils shift the timing and magnitude of subsurface water flow.


Michael (Mickey) Rush is a dynamic leader, environmental scientist, and technical communicator. He brings a balance of computational expertise, research experience, and leadership skills to projects related to water resources science and management. Through his work, he strives to serve the needs of stakeholders, engage local communities, and effectively communicate technical information in both English and Spanish to scientific and non-scientific audiences.


  • Fulbright Scholar, J. William Fulbright Scholarship Board, 2017
  • CZO-SAVI International Scholar, National Science Foundation Critical Zone Observatories, 2017
  • Dean's Fellow, University of Colorado, 2015
  • Bentson Scholar, University of Minnesota, 2010
  • Presidential Scholar, University of Minnesota, 2010
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