Molly Huber

Molly Huber

PhD student

  • Teaching Assistant in Environmental Studies



  • BS: Cornell University, 2019

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Terrestrial biogeochemistry, soil science


The primary driver behind my research is a fascination with how climate change is influencing biogeochemical controls on the earth system. I examine soil chemical and physical processes to understand human-altered nutrient cycles in terrestrial systems. My background focused on carbon cycling in the rainforests of Latin America and wetland systems of New York State, examining ecosystems with varying levels of human manipulation. I thrive in a lab environment, but also try to integrate humanities disciplines in my research in order to understand how humans connect to and value natural environments. My PhD research will build on this background by examining how climate change has altered the natural nitrogen cycle in the alpine ecosystem of the Rocky Mountains. 


  • Ernest F. Hollings Scholar, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, 2017
  • Merrill Presidential Scholar, Cornell University, 2019
  • Hunter R. Rawlings Presidential Research Scholar, Cornell University, 2017