Noah P. Molotch

Director, Center for Water Earth Science & Technology (CWEST)

  • Associate Professor of Geography



  • PhD: Hydrology and Water Resources, University of Arizona, 2004
  • MS: Environmental Science and Management, University of California, Santa Barbara, 2000
  • BA: University of Colorado Boulder, 1997

Contact Information

(Office) 303 492-6151


Surface water and snow hydrology; remote sensing; ecohydrology.

Research Interests

My research and teaching interests are focused on the processes controlling hydrologic fluxes in semi-arid regions. My research projects utilize ground-based observations, remote sensing, and computational modeling to obtain comprehensive understanding of hydrological processes; in particular the distribution of snowmelt, soil moisture and streamflow. Additional projects aim at developing techniques for scaling hydrological processes and for designing ground-based observation networks tailored for integration with remote sensing and modeling. Studies relating fluxes of water, carbon, and nitrogen are also a focus of my current projects - in particular the feedbacks between water availability and carbon cycling in montane forests.




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Fyfe, J. C.,Derksen, C.,Mudryk, L.,Flato, G. M.,Santer, B. D.,Swart, N. C.,Noah P. Molotch,Zhang, X.,Wan, H.,Arora, V. K.,Scinocca, J.,Jiao, Y, 2017: Large near-term projected snowpack loss over the western United States. Nature Communications, 8: article 14996. DOI: 10.1038/ncomms14996

Hallar, A. G.,Noah P. Molotch,Hand, J. L.,Livneh, B.,McCubbin, I. B.,Petersen, R.,Michalsky, J.,Lowenthal, D.,Kunkel, K. E, 2017: Impacts of increasing aridity and wildfires on aerosol loading in the intermountain western US. Environmental Research Letters, 12(1): article 014006. DOI: 10.1088/1748-9326/aa510a

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Current Courses

  • ENVS/GEOG 4201: Biometeorology
  • GEOG 1001: Climate & Vegetation
  • GEOG/GEOL 4093/5093: Remote Sensing of Environment

Past Courses

  • GEOG 5241: Topics in Physical Geography: Advanced Methods in Snow Measurement