Sara Jean Reinelt

Sara Jean Reinelt

Undergraduate Research Assistant


  • B.S. Enology, Minor Chemistry: California State University, Fresno, 2011

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Physical Oceanography, Polar Oceanography, Sea Ice, Ocean Modeling, Paleoceanography


After earning a Bachelors degree in Enology from CSU Fresno, I worked in the wine and beer production industries for eight years. However, I could not ignore my growing passion for combating climate change. After years of returning to this dream, adding greater specificity with each visit, I finally decided to move forward and begin my pursuit of a fulfilling and meaningful career in research!

My goals are to earn a PhD in Physical Oceanography, after which I plan to continue research in the field. I plan to earn a second bachelor's degree in Physics order to gain vital prerequisite knowledge and to continue conducting research as an undergraduate, which I believe will be beneficial in achieving these goals. I returned to college as an undergraduate in 2019 have fallen further in love with mathematics and the physical sciences. 

In the future, I would be honored to work in research involving polar oceanography, ocean modeling, sea ice, paleoceanography, ice-sheet dynamics, and/or ocean acidification. Although a long list, I find the physical processes that govern the ocean and climate to be fascinating and I'm excited to learn more about these areas in future studies and/or research.


If you'd like to learn more about me, please visit my personal website