Suzanne Anderson


Current Courses

  • GEOG 1011: Environmental Systems II: Landscapes and Water


  • GEOG 4261: Glaciers and Permafrost


  • GEOG/GEOL 4241: Principles of Geomorphology


Past Courses

  • GEOG 5700: Geomorphology Seminar
  • GEOG 5100-005: Special Topic, Earth’s Critical Zone

Postdocs & Students

Current Postdocs

Chris Mavris, Post-doc 2012-13, Swiss National Science Foundation Post-doctoral Fellow, Global warming induced vegetation changes and their effects on mineral weathering in a cold-dry and alpine environment (Wind River Range)
Eve-Lyn Hinckley Eve-Lyn Hinckley, Fellow Post-doc 2009-11, NSF Earth Sciences Post-doctoral Fellow, An integrated approach to study the interactions between hydrologic response and nitrogen biogeochemistry
Matt Rossi, Post-doc 2016-2018 with EarthLab, on precipitation extremes and landscape evolution. Now EarthLab Research Associate.

Current Students

Former Students

Patrick Kelly Patrick Kelly, Graduate Student MA 2012. Subsurface evolution: Characterizing physical and geochemical weathering in bedrock of Gordon Gulch, Boulder Creek Critical Zone Observatory
Susan Riggins, PhD 2010, Geography. The production and evolution of mobile regolith: Modeled soil production and measured chemical weathering.
Zanden Frederick, MA 2008, Geography. Water and solute export from the Yukon River and its tributaries
Cynthia Cacy, MS 2006, Environmental Studies. Chemical weathering in the loess-mantled landscape of the Matanuska Valley, Alaska