Timothy Kittel

Research Associate, INSTAAR

  • Faculty Director, Conservation Biology and Practice in Brazil's Atlantic Forest Global Seminar, Study Abroad Programs
  • Lecturer, CU Mountain Research Station
  • Graduate Faculty, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology



  • PhD Ecology: University of California, Davis, 1986

Contact Information


Global change biology and climate science.

Research Interests

Global Environmental Change—Conservation Planning in Context of Climate Change
Earth System Science—Terrestrial Biosphere-Climate Interactions
Climate Analysis—Climate Change in High Mountain Systems
Ecosystem Geography


Dr. Timothy Kittel is an ecologist and climate scientist with INSTAAR. He has over thirty years of professional research experience in global change science, with contributions to the science of climate-biosphere interaction, historical climatic change, and regional ecosystem and climate modeling. Dr. Kittel's work on climate change impacts has been included in IPCC and US National Assessments. His current research foci are on approaches for considering climate change uncertainty in biodiversity conservation planning and climate change in high mountain regions.  Dr. Kittel has published over 80 peer-reviewed papers and book chapters in ecology and climate dynamics.

Dr. Kittel's teaching emphasizes field instruction in ecology and conservation biology.  He currently teaches Winter Field Ecology in the Rocky Mountains and study abroad courses on conservation in Latin America.