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  • Station Closed  The station has been closed for the season, starting September, 2016.
    Posted Oct, 2016

  • Pico Trend Analysis Publication  An analysis of the seasonal and long term atmospheric trends at Pico was published August 2015. The journal article is available here.
    Posted Aug, 2015

  • Station Reopened The station was reopened in May 2015. Measurements of meteorological data; ozone; aerosol concentration, scattering, and back scattering; black carbon; and NMHCs are ongoing.
    Posted May, 2015
  • Pico Observatory in the News!: A September 2011 article about the atmospheric research at the Pico Mountain Observatory in the Jornal do Pico:
    Cover Page
    Main Story

    Posted Apr 2, 2012
  • Pico Atmospheric Observatory Planning Meeting: pico group
  • Pico Atmospheric Observatory Planning Meeting was held on July 14, 2011, on Pico Island, hosted by Fernando Olivera at the Parque Natural Headquarters. Participants (left to right) were Detlev Helmig, University of Colorado; Jorge Medeiros and Paulo Fialho, University of the Azores; Quim Nene, Pico Mountain Hiking Guide; Angela Valeroso, Station Measurement Assistant; Angela Garcia and Fernando Oliveira, Pico Parque Natural
    Posted Sept 28, 2011
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