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All Years 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007
Ozone Ozone_2001   Ozone_2003 Ozone_2004 Ozone_2005 Ozone_2006
CO CO_2001 CO_2002 CO_2003 CO_2004 CO_2005 CO_2006
NOxy   NOxy_2002 NOxy_2003 NOxy_2004 NOxy_2005
Black Carbon BC_2001 BC_2002 BC_2003 BC_2004 BC_2005 BC_2006 BC_2007
MET MET_2001 MET_2002 MET_2003 MET_2004 MET_2005 MET_2006
NMHC   NMHC_2004 NMHC_2005 NMHC_2006  
Flask Data              
Particle Size              

All Years 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
Ozone Ozone_2008 Ozone_2009 Ozone_2010 Ozone_2011 Ozone_2012 Ozone_2013 Ozone_2014
CO CO_2008 CO_2009 CO_2010 CO_2011 CO_2012 CO_2013  
Black Carbon BC_2008 BC_2009 BC_2010 BC_2011 BC_2012 BC_2013 BC_2014
MET MET_2008 MET_2009 MET_2010 MET_2011
PAN PAN_2008 PAN_2009
NMHC NMHC_2009 NMHC_2010 NMHC_2011 NMHC_2012 NMHC_2013 NMHC_2014
Flask Data     Flask_2010 Flask_2011      
Particle Size              

Please email Detlev Helmig for data access and invite data authors for co-authorship. 

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