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Ecohydrology Laboratory

The February 2010 issue of Nature Geoscience includes a cover article and News and Views piece on our two-water worlds findings (Barnard co-author). This work is led by Renee Brooks at the EPA and was recognized with a 2011 Level II E.P.A Scientific and Technological Achievement Award. This work remains a central focus of the CU Ecohydrology Lab.

The CU Ecohydrology group is focused on investigating how vegetation processes affect water flow dynamics and pathways in soil and streams, and conversely, how water flow paths affect vegetation function in mountainous terrain.  The ultimate goal is to improve our knowledge of how changes in land-use and/or climate will affect water resources and ecosystems.  Our interdisciplinary research uses state-of-the-art techniques to reveal patterns and processes at scales ranging from the leaf to the watershed.

How to Join

The Barnard Ecohydrology lab is always looking for well-qualified, enthusiastic students to join our group. Undergraduates interested in research experience or potential senior projects should contact Dr. Barnard.

Prospective graduate students should examine the current publications and lab webpage to determine if the CU Ecohydrology Lab has interests compatible with their own. Potential graduate students are encouraged to contact Dr. Barnard in advance of applying to the department to discuss research projects and funding opportunities.

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Contact Information

(Phone) 303 735-7062
University of Colorado Boulder, Campus Box 450, Boulder, CO 80309