ICP-MS Trace Element Laboratory

Lab Services

Routine analysis for foraminifera and other carbonates includes Mg/Ca, Sr/Ca, Cd/Ca, Zn/Ca, Li/Ca, B/Ca, U/Ca, Mn/Ca, Al/Ca, and Fe/Ca. Additional elements are also possible. Foraminiferal samples can either be sent pre-cleaned or they can be cleaned here at additional cost. Our routine cleaning includes both reductive (hydrazine) and oxidative (peroxide) steps, but oxidation-only cleaning is an option. We also offer a robust oxidation-only method for individual foram Mg/Ca and Sr/Ca analysis. See our rate sheet for pricing.

We welcome inquiries about other sample types. If you can dissolve it, we can probably analyze it. Theoretical detection limits are in the parts-per-trillion to parts-to-quadrillion range for most elements. See our rate sheet for pricing and additional details. Note that there is an economy of scale such that small numbers of samples will be more expensive (per sample) due to the cost of method development. Inquiries may be directed to Tom Marchitto.