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Organic Geochemistry Laboratory (OG Lab)

The Organic Geochemistry Laboratory (OG Lab) at CU Boulder is a shared analytical facility for multidisciplinary and collaborative research in fields as diverse as biogeochemistry, geobiology, astrobiology, environmental microbiology, paleoceanography, paleoclimatology, and energy, among others. Three research groups comprise our lab:

The OG Lab focuses on the extraction, purification, separation, and chemical and isotopic characterization of organic molecules extracted from a wide array of environmental and culture samples. Our state-of-the-art analytical facility, housed in the new Sustainability, Energy and Environment Complex/Laboratories (SEEC/SEEL), began its operation in Summer 2016 and was specifically designed for research operations in organic geochemistry and compound-specific isotope ratio mass spectrometry (see facilities tab). 

How to Join

For inquiries about the different research groups in the OG Lab please visit their respective websites in the links above

Contact Information

(Phone) 303-735-3277
SEEL room 218