Polar and Paleoclimate Modeling Research Group
Polar and Paleoclimate Modeling Research Group

Our group uses climate models to understand polar ocean and sea ice dynamics and paleo ocean changes. In our work, we aim to improve model-data comparisons by adding additional tracers and functions to climate models that allow a more direct comparison with observations.


Current Projects:

Assessing the Simulated Arctic Freshwater System in CMIP5 Models, the CESM Large Ensemble, and Forced Simulations

In this NSF-funded project, we are working on assessing the Arctic freshwater budget simulated by climate models, the influence of internal variability on the simulated Arctic freshwater budget, and the Arctic freshwater dynamics. We are collaborating with Marika Holland (NCAR) and Bruno Tremblay (Columbia University & McGill University), as well as with Peter Schlosser and Robert Newton from the Arctic Switchyward project at Lamont Doherty.

Improving Earth System Models through the development of sea ice emulators

In this project, we are working on developing passive miscrowave sea ice emulators for the use in earth system models, to better compare sea ice simulatons from earth system models with satellite retrievals, to ultimatly imrove the sea ice simulations. We are collaborating with Andrew Roberts and colleagues at the Navel Postgraduate School on this project.

Sea ice in the CESM Large Ensemble: Predictability studies of Arctic sea ice

Using the 40 member large ensemble from the CESM, we are assessing how predictabile aspects of the decline of the Arctic sea ice cover is, given the large internal variability in the climate system. One example is a recent study on how predictabile the first year of a summer ice free Arctic Ocean is (submitted).

Isotope-enabled ocean modeling

We are using recenty developed carbon and water isotopes within the CESM model to assess the simulated climate evolution against proxy records and isotope observations. Collaborators include Zhengyu Liu (University of Wisconsin Madison) and Bette Otto-Blienser (NCAR)

Sea ice during the last 2000 years

In this project, we are assessing how sea ice has varied during the last 2000 years, and how it has interacted with other parts of the climate system, in particular the AMOC. We are assessing this using the CESM Last Millenium Ensemble as well as new simulations for the last 2000 years. This work is done in collaboration with Bette Otto-Bliesner (NCAR) and Gifford Miller (INSTAAR).

Contact Information

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