Ozone and Snow

Blog: May 2012

May 30th, 2012

Patrick Boylan (CU), Brian Seok (CU), Keenan Murray (MTU), Laurens Ganzeveld (WU), Paul Doskey (MTU), Detlev Helmig (CU), Brie Van Dam (CU).

We recently wrapped up another data workshop, this time hosted here in Boulder, CO. Each participant showed their current progress, open questions, and results during three days of intense meetings. Results were shown from our Greenland site, from Toolik Lake, and also from the modeling work that Keenan, Brian and Laurens have been hard at work on. As you can imagine, it was a packed three days of scientific discussion! The group has some really exciting results to show after all the dialogue generated from this workshop! Look out for several presentations to the rest of the scientific community in the near future.