Trees and VOCs

Blog: Field work ends in Boulder, begins in Michigan

September 18th, 2010

As the last leaves fall from the trees, our work at Creekside Nursery is all wrapped up. All equipment has been brought back to the labs, and we can now start to process our data.

We went to Michigan in July to perform our VOC experiment in the woods not far from Michigan Tech. Our study was part of CABINEX--Community Atmosphere-Biosphere Interactions Experiments. The goal of CABINEX is to provide a collaborative environment in which a number of research institutions share resources to answer one common scientific topic: the effects of forest succession and biogenic volatile organic compounds (BVOCs) on microscale atmospheric chemistry within the canopy layer. Our study took place at the University of Michigan Biological Station.

Ryan sets up our equipment in the van. Bring on the data!

Once the equipment was set up in the van at the site, we built a scaffold to reach branches at in the lower canopy.

Detlev carefully fixes a Teflon bag around a branch and attaches the hoses.

There's the enclosure, high in the forest canopy.

This is Zeke the lift. Zeke hoisted us up to the tree canopy so that we could attach enclosures to the branches up high.

The ride up is the fun part.

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