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John F. HoffeckerScott Elias, Potapova, O., Pavlova, E. Yu., Pitul'ko, V. V. 2020: Arkticheskaya Beringiya i proiskhozhdenie korennykh amerikantsev. Arkheologiya Artiki, 7: 5-31.

Gu, S., Liu, Z., Oppo, D. W., Lynch-Stieglitz, J., Alexandra Jahn, Zhang, J., Wu, L. 2020: Assessing the potential capability of reconstructing glacial Atlantic water masses and AMOC using multiple proxies in CESM. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 541: 116294. DOI: 10.1016/j.epsl.2020.116294

Courtney Collins, Spasojevic, M. J., Alados, C. L., Aronson, E. L., Benavides, J. C., Cannone, N., Caviezel, C., Grau, O., Guo, H., Kudo, G., Kuhn, N. J., Müllerová, J., Phillips, M. L., Pombubpa, N., Reverchon, F., Shulman, H. B., Stajich, J. E., Stokes, A., Weber, S. E., Diez, J. M. 2020: Belowground impacts of alpine woody encroachment are determined by plant traits, local climate and soil conditions. Global Change Biology, accepted. DOI: 10.1111/gcb.15340

Merritt Turetsky, Abbott, B. W., Jones, M. C., Anthony, K. W., Olefeldt, D., Schuur, E. A. G., Grosse, G., Kuhry, P., Hugelius, G., Koven, C., Lawrence, D. M., Gibson, C., Sannel, A. B. K., McGuire, A. D. 2020: Carbon release through abrupt permafrost thaw. Nature Geoscience, 13: 138-143. DOI: 10.1038/s41561-019-0526-0

Sanderson, J. S., Beutler, C., Brown, J. R., Burke, I., Chapman, T., Conant, R. T., Derner, J. D., Easter, M., Fuhlendorf, S. D., Grissom, G., Herrick, J. E., Daniel Liptzin, Morgan, J. A., Murph, R., Pague, C., Rangwala, I., Ray, D., Rondeau, R., Schulz, T., Sullivan, T. 2020: Cattle, conservation, and carbon in the western Great Plains. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation, 75(1): 5A-12A. DOI: 10.2489/jswc.75.1.5A

Börker, J., Hartmann, J., Amann, T., Romero-Mujalli, G., Moosdorf, N., Chris Jenkins 2020: Chemical weathering of loess and its contribution to global alkalinity fluxes to the coastal zone during the Last Glacial Maximum, Mid-Holocene, and present. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 21(7): e2020GC008922. DOI: 10.1029/2020GC008922

Harris, C. K., Jaia Syvitski, Arango, H., Meiburg, E., Cohen, S., Chris Jenkins, Birchler, J. J., Eric Hutton, Kniskern, T., Radhakrishnan, S., Auad, G. 2020: Data-driven, multi-model workflow suggests strong influence from hurricanes on the generation of turbidity currents in the Gulf of Mexico. Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, 8(8): 586. DOI: 10.3390/jmse8080586