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Alfredo, K., Montalto, F. A., Timothy Bartrand, T., Tsegay Wolde-GeorgisLall, U. 2016: Using a participatory stakeholder process to plan water development in Koraro, Ethiopia. Water, 8(7): 275. DOI: 10.3390/w8070275

Tsegay Wolde-Georgis, Hadgu, K. M., Abreha, A. Z., Habtu, A. 2010: Climate change adaptation and impact mitigation: A case study of Abraha Wa Atsebaha village in Tigray, northern Ethiopia. Journal of the Drylands, 3(1): 150-157. Reprint (6 MB)

Tsegay Wolde-GeorgisMickey Glantz 2009: Biofuels in Africa: a pathway to development?. Boulder, Colorado: International Research Center for Energy and Economic Development, Occasional Paper 43.