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Ecological Studies in the Colorado Alpine: a Festschrift for John W. Marr

INSTAAR Occasional Paper 37

1982, 147 pp.

[From the Preface] This report reviews the understanding of the alpine ecosystems as a first step in the University of Colorado, Long-Term Ecological Research project (CULTER), which is monitoring and studying the alpine ecosystem as exemplified on Niwot Ridge and in the Green Lakes Valley above the Mountain Research Station.


[From the Contents] “Introduction: The University of Colorado Long-Term Ecological Program,” “Physical and Geological Nature of the Indian Peaks, Colorado Front Range,” “Water and Sediment Flows in the Green Lakes Valley, Colorado Front Range,” “Air Quality and Surface Energy Budget,” “Review of the Late Quaternary History of Vegetation and Climate in the Mountains of Colorado,” “Spatial and Temporal Variation of the Vegetation and Its Productivity on Niwot Ridge, Colorado,” “The Effects of Augmented Winter Snow Cover on the Canopy Structure of Alpine Vegetation,” “Success of Transplanted Alpine Plants on Niwot Ridge, Colorado,” “Plant Population Biology above Timberline: Biotic Selective Pressures and Plant Reproductive Success,” “Ecological and Evolutionary Studies of Forest Trees in Colorado,” “Air Pollution and the Ecology of Plants,” “Small Mammal Herbivores of the Colorado Alpine Tundra,” “Invertebrate Communities and Dynamics of Alpine Flowages,” “The Status of Unexploited Fish Populations in the Green Lakes Valley, an Alpine Watershed, Colorado Front Range,” “A Review of Some Aspects of Bacteriological Decomposition of Plant Litter in the Colorado Alpine.”

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