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Publications - Occasional Papers

Energy Budget Studies in Relation to Fast-ice Breakup Processes in Davis Strait: Climatological Overview

INSTAAR Occasional Paper 26

1978, 284 pp. (cost: $5)

The fast-ice regime in the vicinity of Broughton Island, N.W.T., Canada, is described based on field studies during 1971–75, analysis of satellite imagery, and synoptic climatological analyses. The period studied exhibited strong contrasts with no ice breakup in 1972; the average date is 31 July ± 10 days, coinciding with about 180 thawing degree days (°C) at Broughton Island (581 m). Southwesterly flow situations with strong sensible heat advection accelerate melt, whereas northeasterly airflow retards it. The report includes an objective catalog of daily MSL pressure patterns for 1946–74, description of a simple melt model, microclimatological measurements on the fast ice, and analysis of climatic trends related to ice conditions.

PDF (14 MB)