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Holocene Paleoclimates: an Annotated Bibliography

INSTAAR Occasional Paper 41

1984, 2 vols. (cost: $10)

Approximately thirteen hundred annotated references to the literature on Holocene paleoclimates, with emphasis on high latitude and high altitude areas, are presented as the result of a project sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, Carbon Dioxide Research Division. Covering the past twenty years of research results published worldwide, materials are included from the physical, biological, and earth sciences wherever environmental phenomena sensitive to climatic changes have resulted in proxy records. The references have been divided into fifteen subject categories, based on the primary method of climatic reconstruction. The references are indexed by author, subject category, keywords, time period within the Holocene epoch, geographic area, title, and dating methods; maps are included for reference. The bibliography is preceded by an introduction that details selection and formatting procedures. [Keywords: Agriculture, Archaeology, Climatology, Dendroclimatology, Geology, Geomorphology, Glacial geology, Glaciology, History, Oceanography, Paleobotany, Paleozoology, Palynology, Pedology, Stratigraphy]

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