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Radiocarbon Date List I: Labrador and Northern Quebec, Canada

INSTAAR Occasional Paper 36

1981, 33 pp. (cost: $5)

[From the Preface] This is the first Occasional Paper devoted to listing radiocarbon dates of the Labrador-Ungava peninsula. Five radiocarbon date lists have already been published for Baffin Island to make a total of six lists now covering the eastern Canadian Arctic. The samples reported were collected by INSTAAR members, students, and associates over four field seasons. Radiocarbon date lists conveniently bring together information which would otherwise be dispersed throughout the literature.

Site descriptions and locations are presented for 92 radiocarbon dated samples from the Labrador-Ungava peninsula, Canada. The samples are primarily lake and peat sediments, reflecting a bias for pollen-rich sediments; their dates range between 0 and 19,000 BP. Two dates on a single shell collection are significantly older. (>34,000 and >42,000 BP). The dates are presented by geographic location using the 1:250,000 Canadian NTS map series as well as in chronological order.

This list will be of interest and importance to all students of the Quaternary of Labrador and northern Quebec, especially palynologists, biogeographers, and glacial geologists.

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