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Solar and Atmospheric Radiation Data for Broughton Island, Eastern Baffin Island, Canada, 1971-73

INSTAAR Occasional Paper 11

1974, 54 pp. NTIS PB 248 955/AS.

[From the Introduction] The data presented in this volume were obtained as part of a continuing study of the synoptic energy budget climatology of Eastern Baffin Island and Davis Strait. The principal concern of this program is to produce accurate estimates of energy exchange at snow, ice, and water surfaces in response to weather events on a synoptic scale and in the context of interannual and longer term climatic variations. The main features of the program have been described elsewhere (cf. Barry et a1., 1974, and Jacobs et al., 1974).

Accurate estimates of the radiation balance are obviously essential to energy budget calculations. While the Canadian radiation measurements network provides coverage over much of the Canadian Arctic (Latimer and Truhlar, 1967), no regular observations are made on Baffin Bay and Davis Strait. Therefore, in order to obtain adequate coverage for purposes of the research program described, the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research (INSTAAR) began a program of radiation measurements in the summer of 1971 at Broughton Island, just off the eastern Baffin Island Coast. The object was to obtain continuous records of global solar radiation and net radiation over a representative surface to be related to special studies on the sea ice, glacier, and tundra surfaces in the area. Data on these two parameters for the summers 1971 through 1973 form the main part of this report. During the latter year, observations continued through December and included measurements of the downward atmospheric flux component and of the direct solar flux component for purposes of calculating transmissivity and turbidity factors, and these are reported here as well.

These data along with some explanation of the measurements program are summarized here. The results of further analysis and interpretation will be published elsewhere.

Radiation measurements were included in a program of glacio-climatic studies by INSTAAR in 1970 on the Boas Glacier (67°35′N, 65°16′W), some 50 km west of Broughton Island (Jacobs et al., 1972; Andrews and Barry, 1972).

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