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Prospective employees

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New employees

Welcome to INSTAAR. Getting hired and getting paid properly is important to you; we also take our payroll duties seriously. We are here to assist you with any questions you have. Sources of information for employees include your supervisor, your INSTAAR accounting specialist, and the INSTAAR payroll liaison (Lindsay). Feel free to contact us whenever you have questions. We think INSTAAR is a great place to work, and we hope you will agree.

General information for all employees

Direct Deposit: CU pays by direct deposit into your bank account. For salaried, monthly employees the deposit is made on the last working day of the month. For bi-weekly, hourly employees the deposit is made every other Friday. You set up (or change as needed) your direct deposit information in the CU Portal. Please email if you have any questions about direct deposit.

Training: All CU employees are required to take an online course on Discrimination and Harassment. This ensures that you are aware of your rights and the rights of your co-workers. This course is accessed through SkillSoft in the CU Portal. In addition, because of substances used in many INSTAAR labs, you may be required to take Hazardous Materials training. Please talk to your supervisor if you have any questions about required training.

ePERs: All salaried employees paid by grant funds are required to submit an electronic Personnel Effort Report (ePER) every term. This is necessary to assure grant sponsors that personnel who are paid from grants are, in fact, working on those grants. You will get an email after the term is over asking you to submit your ePER through the CU Portal. If you are getting paid from grants you are also required to take the ePERs training through SkillSoft in the CU Portal. Please talk to your PI or your INSTAAR accounting specialist if you have any questions about ePERs.

Holidays: The CU Boulder holiday schedule can be found at On these holidays the campus is closed and buildings are locked.

Graduate students

Complete information about graduate student appointments, benefits, and responsibilities are available on the Graduate School web page. Once you have been asked by an INSTAAR Principal Investigator to do research on a project, you will receive a letter of offer explaining your salary and benefits. Tuition remission is done after your appointment is approved. You can contact the CU Bursar’s Office to check the status of your tuition remission 2-3 days after your appointment is approved. If you have any questions about your appointment, please contact your INSTAAR accounting specialist or the INSTAAR Payroll Liaison.

Hourly (bi-weekly) employees

This category includes both student hourly employees and temporary employees. Your work schedule is set by your supervisor. Students are limited to no more than 25 hours per week during the academic year. During the summer students can work up to 40 hours per week if approved by their supervisors. For any hourly employee, supervisory prior approval to work overtime (more than 40 hours a week) is always required.

Hourly employees must record hours worked on the time calendar in the CU My Leave application in the CU Portal. Employees are responsible for accurately recording hours worked and for certifying and submitting their time sheet by the payroll due date. Supervisors are responsible for reviewing and approving time sheets by the payroll due date. The INSTAAR payroll liaison will send an email reminder to employees and supervisors every other week when time sheets are due. If you have any questions about using My Leave, please email

Regular research/administrative staff

There are many things to get set up once you are hired in a regular position at INSTAAR. The INSTAAR payroll liaison will meet with you to go over many of these details when you are hired. The INSTAAR front office can assist you with getting building access and parking permits. Regular employees with a 20% or greater appointment will receive an RTD Ecopass, which allows free bus transportation. If you have questions about computers, internet access, or your CU Identikey, email Your letter of offer will include details about your salary, leave accruals, and benefits eligibility.

You may be required to take additional training modules on purchasing, travel, and information security, depending on your duties. Your supervisor or your INSTAAR accounting specialist can advise you about additional training needed for your position. These training modules are available in the CU Portal.

Employees with regular appointments must use the CU My Leave application in the CU Portal to record both paid and unpaid time off, such as vacation, sick leave, jury duty, etc. They must certify and submit a time sheet monthly. Accurate reporting of time off use is a fiscal responsibility. Supervisors are responsible for reviewing and approving time sheets by the payroll due date. The INSTAAR payroll liaison will send an email reminder monthly. If you have any questions about using My Leave, please email


Colorado Equal Pay Act: Effective January 1, 2021 the State of Colorado passed a law called Equal Pay for Equal Work Act (EPA). This law protects employees against pay discrimination based on sex (including gender identity), alone or in combination with other protected classes, for substantially similar work in terms of skill, effort, and responsibility. It is intended to address gender pay gap and increase transparency. As a result this law requires that ALL jobs are posted with a hiring rate or range. This includes Professional Temporary Aides and Undergraduate Student Hourly Assistants. It will take additional time for the hiring process on these positions, as the prospective employee will need to apply for these positions. Please allow at least 2 weeks for student hourly hires, 3 weeks for temporary hires, and a minimum of 4 weeks for all other positions. New employees may not be approved to begin work until after their hire has been approved in our HCM system.

  • The law prohibits 1.) Using wage history to set pay. 2.) Pay disparity for substantially similar work. 3.) Discrimination and retaliation against prospective employees for failing to display their current pay rate and current employees for inquiring, disclosing, and discussing wage rates.
  • The law allows for pay differences based on: 1.) Seniority, 2.) Merit, 3.) Education, training, and experience, 4.) Geographic location, 5.) Travel, 6.) Quantity/quality of production.
  • The law requires 1.) Posting all jobs with a salary rate or range, 2.) Posting all promotional opportunities (when a vacancy opens an existing or new position that could be considered a promotion for one or more employees in terms of compensation, benefits, status, duties, or access to further advancement), 3.) Maintaining job description and salary history records.

To start the process for any new hire, regardless of job type, please fill out the new hire request form and send it to the INSTAAR Payroll Liaison. We use the Student Employment Office to post student hourly positions for recruitment. All other positions, including Temporary Employees, are posted to CU’s recruiting system, Avature.