Written guides

NSF Proposal and Award Policies and Procedures Guide, last updated Nov. 2013.

Julie created detailed presentations that cover many aspects of the proposal process and post-award issues:


OGC has internal deadlines for proposals to make sure they can get them processed by the agency deadlines. Stein Sture backs them up.

  • 3 weeks before the proposal deadline for submittals; 2 weeks before proposal deadline for other submissions:  3 required forms (Basic Info, Questions, and Reviews & Signatures)
  • 14 working days:  budget for submission
  • 10 working days:  budget for complex grant (not submitted through grants with multiple subcontracts, etc.
  • 5 working days:  budget for grant submission not submitted through

Proposal forms

This page contains links to six forms, each of which is available in Word and PDF formats. The Word .doc version allows you to fill out the form on your computer. The PDF version is intended for printing and filling out by hand.

You can download the forms individually below or all six at once here.

Proposal process

PI/CoPI Personal Info: All INSTAAR PIs and co-PIs should complete this short one-time form of basic personal info. This form must be on file before any submission can be made.

  • INSTAAR_PI/Co-PI Profile Form (Word | PDF)

Six steps for submitting a proposal through INSTAAR:

1.  Fill out forms and draft budget.

At least 3 weeks before the proposal deadline for submissions and at least 2 weeks for other submissions:

Complete 3 required forms:

  • form 1. Basic Info (Word | PDF)
  • form 2. Questions (Word | PDF)
  • form 3. Reviews & Signatures (Word | PDF) - Includes submittal of info to INSTAAR Director

Create a draft budget and give to INSTAAR Chief Financial Officer Julie Hughes.

Complete an additional form if submitting via

  • form 4. Personnel (Word | PDF)

Complete an additional form if using subcontractors or submitting a collaborative proposal (where each university has its own budget and proposal submissions are coordinated)

  • form 5. Collaborators and Subcontractors (Word | PDF)

2.  Budget

Work with INSTAAR Chief Financial Officer Julie Hughes to complete your budget. If she is absent for an extended period, she will send out instructions to either work with someone else at INSTAAR or work directly with OCG.

Some items in the budget should be treated differently:

3. Routing

Required only if the proposal requires specific commitments such as matching, IDC splits, etc.

4. OCG completes:

  • Routing sheet
  • Cover sheet
  • Budget sheets

5. PI completes:

  • Project summary
  • Project description
  • Budget Justification (in addition to the standard INSTAAR blurb)
  • Bio sketches
  • References
  • Current and Pending Support (NSF form)
  • Facilities, equipment and other resources

6.  Proposal submission

OCG will send the proposal to the sponsor when all final text has been received.


Wondering who to call for questions about compliance and your research (biosafety, export controls, NSF Responsible Conduct of Research)? Here's the list of people and their contact info.


A No-Cost Extension allows the PI additional time, usually a year, to complete the original Scope of Work without additional funds. Learn how to get one.

Equal opportunity

Many of our funding agencies are committed to building diverse communities. They want you to remember that is against the law for recipients of their financial assistance to discriminate on the basis of factors such as race, color, national origin (including limited English proficiency), sex, disability, age, and retaliation/reprisal for a previously filed discrimination complaint. For details, check a particular agency's policies such as those of NSF and NASA. For example, see a NASA poster and NASA brochure. Also, check policies for CU-Boulder.

Inflation factors

See the rates as of July 2012.