IT Security Awareness

August 25th, 2014

Tara and I hope you're all having a good start to the new semester.
Welcome to all of the new arrivals, we hope you're settling in to your new

There are two issues we like to remind users about at the beginning of the
school year:
1) Watch your stuff....we see a rise in campus theft at the start and end
of each semester.  Thieves like to use the chaos around the move-in and
move-out times on campus as moments of opportunity to steal your
stuff....Please keep valuables like you Phones, Laptops, Bags, etc out of
sight and behind locked office doors at all times.  We have had 1 laptop
taken out of a first floor office in RL-1 in the past, so we don't want a
repeat of that.  Cable locks can help, but leaving doors open and stuff
sitting out are the two easiest corrections to make first.

2) Email security: We see millions (yes millions) of emails targeting
unsuspecting users to try to gain access to their personal information,
whether it is your IdentiKey username and password, or your banking
account information.  The best rule of thumb here is to BE SKEPTICAL of
ANY email that is requiring you to "verify your identity" or
"checking/suspending your account."  99.99% of them are fake/phishing, and
if it is legit, you'll be expecting the email, or you'll be seeing an
issue anyway (like being over your email quota).  The spammers have gotten
pretty slick at making very good looking fake emails from everything like
Apple ID emails, banking emails, etc etc, so when in doubt either check
with us or try contacting the relevant company via their main phone lines
"REQUIRE" YOU TO DO SO.  They are not real.....

Now with all of the scary stuff out of the way, we hope you have a great
semester and look forward to working with everyone here.  If you have any
IT related questions, feel free to email us at