Trouble with CU Portal? Use Firefox browser

December 2nd, 2013

We've had many people this week with problems loading different CU Portal
web pages (like Concur, ePers, etc).

We have found that the latest versions of Internet Explorer (IE) have not
been very compatible with the sites, so we are recommending all users use
Firefox for the CU Portal.

For CU's portal, this is the best order for browsers:

  1. Mozilla's Firefox (Mac or PC)
  2. Google Chrome (Mac or PC)
  3. Safari (Mac, PC can use Safari, but it's less common)
  4. Internet Explorer (PC ONLY, and versions 10 & 11 seem to have issues)

If the browser change doesn't help, the next step is to TURN OFF the
Pop-up blocker within the browser.  This setting is in different locations
on different browsers.  Here are the instructions for each browser:

If you have trouble with one browser always try a 2nd (or 3rd) and you
will often find the issue "goes away".

If you still have trouble, contact us!