Printing and Copying FAQ

How do I print a poster for a conference? What does it cost?

INSTAAR has a 60” HP plotter that can handle pretty much any kind of poster you can throw at it.  We print on glossy photo paper.  Our big poster printing sessions occur twice a year: Arctic Workshop in early spring, and AGU in December.  We recommend designing your poster in Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape, and then converting it into a PDF for the final printing.  Many choose to use Microsoft PowerPoint to design their posters, but due to different operating systems and versions of PowerPoint, the end results can vary.  Contact to schedule a time to print your poster. We generally allow one hour for each poster, which includes file setup, print, and trim times. Currently the cost to print is $7.00 per square foot.  We accept active speedtype numbers or personal checks made out to the University of Colorado as payment.

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Can I get to a scanner?

The Konica-Minolta photocopiers found in both RL1 and ARC have scan-to-email functionality.  Each INSTAAR member should have a login on these machines.  Instructions for use of the scanning function are posted on the walls above the machines.  Contact if you have questions.

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How do I use the INSTAAR photocopiers?

INSTAAR leases two general-use Konica Minolta mulit-function color devices.  The Bizhub C360 is located in RL1 room 246A, and the Bizhub C220 is located in the kitchen area on the second floor of ARC.  These machines serve as centralized printers, document scanners, and photocopiers.  By default, graduate students do not have color copies enabled.  All INSTAARs should have logins on these machines.  For photocopying and scanning, use your CU employee ID number as your password.  Please contact if you are an affiliate and do not have an employee ID number or if you believe you should be in the system, but are unable to login.  If you are using them as a printer, you will need to download and configure the appropriate driver.  This process involves several steps and it may be easier for one of us to configure the driver for you.

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