IPY Publications Database doubles in size

March 8th, 2010

The International Polar Year Publications Database (IPYPD) has grown to 3,000 publications, of which 1,310 are from the fourth (2007-08) IPY.

The IPYPD is now being produced separately from the Arctic & Antarctic Regions (AAR) database.  Last year, EBSCO Publishing began producing AAR in-house, rather than contracting the work to NISC Export Services.  The IPYPD and other records produced since July 2009 by the polar libraries and databases that formerly supplied records to AAR will not appear in AAR until further notice.

Please report your IPY publications to the IPY Publications Database.  You can just email references to:

  • if their publications are about the Antarctic or non-living things,
  • if their publications are about living things (including humans), or
  • if their publications are about northern Canada.

If you email references to any one of these organizations they will be forwarded to the others as necessary.  The IPYPD includes both peer-reviewed and grey literature, and in addition to research publications also includes education, outreach and communication publications.  It is no problem if the same publication is reported more than once.