Web of Science workshop

January 20th, 2009

Ever found yourself using Web of Science and thinking, if I could just screen out the four-fifths of my search results that are from medical journals, this could be a really useful tool. Well grumble no more! Web of Science has revamped its clunky search interface to let you cut out whole categories of non-relevant results in a hurry. Come learn how at a workshop next week.

Web of Science is the behemoth of scientific article databases, indexing 10,000 journals, 120,000 conferences, and a whole universe of cited references. The WoS folks have recently

  • revamped the search capabilities to allow more precise searching,
  • made it possible to distinguish between authors with the same name,
  • added citations to conference proceedings, and
  • added cool new ways to parse information.

In this half-hour workshop, we will go over the new developments, focusing most closely on ways to effectively and rapidly refine your searches.

The workshop will be held Thursday, January 29, starting at 2:30, in the Information Center (RL-1 room 281). Space is limited to 8 people, so please reply if you would like to come.