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IODP Image Strips for Core-Track Visualizations

Chris Jenkins
, Sean Higgins, Carla Moore, Julian Chen


The Ocean Drilling Program recorded the visual appearance of the recovered drilled sediments and rocks with whole-core photography. Those photographs exist as TIFF images in various data centres.

Recent developments in software, such as Corelyzer, work with strip images of the core recovery placed on a track alongside measured and observed data. For IODP data to work with these new systems, the whole core photographs must be split into compatible image strips. The project described here devised a method and software for doing that task.

This web page shows some outputs. The state of the project is "Beta", and improvements to the software are being made and delivery of the full image strip collection is being organized.

Project Report
These reports are available:
    Technical report:
    Display of example photos and strips:
    Poster of development at stage I:

The Image Strip Collection
The strips are organized by core hole, for example "0736A". Within each core hole folder are processed files and reduced resolution / greyscale copies of the original TIFFs:

  • _Work/                        Contains all files used in the processing
  • ./0736A                          Folder per hole
    • *_hole.dat                      Corelyzer project import file (for latest Corelyzer version only)*1
    • *_stripCAT.csv              Table suited to EXCEL, per hole, with metadata for each strip, including error reports
    •         Program pr Hole to crop the full resolution colour TIFs, attach water marks,
                                              and allow for the scale-mark selvages for each strip
  • ./0736A1H_Strips/            SubFolder with the Image Strips (for each core)
    • *_gy.tif                          Greyscale reduced resolution untrimmed strip
    • *_gy_tr.tif                      Greyscale reduced resolution trimmed strip
    • *_co_tr.tif                      Colour trimmed strip at resolution of original photo
    • *_co_tr_sc.tif                 Colour trimmed strip at resolution of original photo, with scale marks
  • ./_Photos/                          SubFolder with the Whole Core Photos (for Hole) *2
    • *.tif                                Photo image file as supplied by Data Archive
  • ./_Cml                                SubFolder with the Corelyzer XML frameworks
    • *.cml                               Corelyzer project per photo (i.e., core) with local URL
    • <>*_wb.cml                        Corelyzer project per photo (i.e., core) with web type URLs
  • ./_Work                             SubFolder with miscellaneous outputs and diagnostics
    • *.GY.tif                           Greyscale reduced copies of the photos
*1: The TopOffset, BotOffset columns in this file are redundant for Corelyzer.
*2 All TIFs in this folder will be processed; those in sub-folders will not.

The primary program imgSTRIPS_*.py is available on request. It is Python 2.5 and currently at version 15. Several other Python scripts are used to to tidy up the project before web delivery.

Delivery of Strips
The full collection of IODP Image Strips will be posted at a public site for general use.

For the present, these image strip sets are posted, with their .csv and .dat listings.
(Grey reduced photos in GreyPhotos;
the strips in their  *_Strips folders)
Corelyzer (see Figure) is currently used to visualize the image strips:  "" and
"". To start, click on a CML file in the 0807C URL
or import via 0807C_hole.dat.

Author: Chris Jenkins
Date: 14Apr2009
Location: Boulder CO USA

Copyright 2008-9, Univ Colorado