INSTAAR, Univ. Colorado, Boulder


* North Atlantic sediments and organic carbon reservoir CEFAS, UK
*SE Pacific Chile-Peru-Ecuador deep-sea fisheries habitats UNESCO
*Falkland Is deep-sea fisheries protection  Shallow Marine Surveys
*Queensland - sediment / habitat mapping between the coast and Great Barrier Reef Qld Env Heritage

*New Zealand - total EEZ sediment charting NIWA
*German North Sea for safe windpower cables: sediment physics, temporal seabed stability, UXO pullout for TenneTUnivRostock.
*US Gulf of Mexico bottom types as input to agent-based models of fisheries at Arizona State Univ
*Data layers to support habitat assessments on the phosphate rich Chatham Rise, NIWA New Zealand.
*Specialists' meeting The Ocean's Seafloor: One Bio-Geo System Hannover, Germany 12-14 October. VWS event, costs met, request

*Earth Sciences' linguistics software (incl. ML & NLP) ClearEarth Hackathon Jan 9-13th 2017 in Boulder. NSF event, costs met, enrol now.
*Sediment carbonate values for the shallow Red Sea, supporting ocean acidification studiesCNRS, Villefranche, FR
*Seafloor data for ROMS / CSTMS and TURBINS models of hurricane-linked turbidity currents, Gulf of Mexico (BOEM)
*Sediment/rock mappings in the  seagrass-dugong environments of HerveyBay, for Queensland Parks & Wildlife, Australia
*New large NSF project is applying Biomedical NLP Semantics Technology to text datasets that describe ocean-floor  materials
*The TrawlingBestPractices program is now using global dbSEABED seabed mappings to improve the world's national fisheries.
*Multi-year German Navy project now completed, supporting missions like UXO control and international rescue.
*African Continental Shelves
Seafloor mappings for Wildlife Conservation Society help marine resources planning in Gabon
* Ocean Carbon Inventory
dbSEABED will contribute to
the Deep Carbon Observatory
*Deep Fisheries Protection
Working with NIWA NZ
mapping substrates for the
distant, deep S Pacific Ocean
*Ocean Energy Platforms
Supporting WavEC with
data for feasibility studies

- GSMFC, Ocean Springs
- INSTAAR, Boulder
- CSDMS Colorado
- PIES, New Orleans
- USGS Santa Cruz
- USGS WoodsHole
- NOAA NGDC Boulder
- NOAA NCDDC Stennis
- UTIG UT Austin
- LDEO Columbia U
- Ocean Leadership
-WTD-71, Kiel
- RAN, Sydney
- DSTO, Adelaide
- CSIRO, Perth
- U ADEL Adelaide
-NIWA Wellington