Mostly traditional and sport climb escapes, with other adventures trickled about.

A few routes and summits
2015 Bike Idaho Springs to summit of Mt. Evans

2014 Ultrasaurus 5.13a, Flatirons, Boulder

2013 Super Carpe Diem 7b+, Kalymnos, Greece

2012 Viatge a Venus 7a, Montgrony, Spain

2011 A'mar Obert 7b+, Monserrat, Spain

2010 led a bunch of 5.10 in the Valley!!

2009 Slagissimo 5.12d, Rifle

2008 Lucid Dreaming 5.12c, Boulder Canyon

2007 Brown Hole, 5.12c, Maple Canyon

2006 Cafe con leche, 7b+, Rodellar, Spain

2005 One Bastiamba, 7b, El Chorro, Spain

2004 Alfredo Alfredo 7b+, Kalymnos, Greece
2003 Aegialis 7b+, Kalymnos, Greece
2002 Regular Route 5.9, Daff Dome, Touloume
1999 Ultimate belay slave – w/Jim Herson on the upper 10 pitches of Salathé Wall, Yosemite
1996 Mississippi Two Step 5.11, Cynical Pinnacle, South Platte
1995 Scenic Cruise 5.10, Black Canyon of the Gunnison
1994 Astroman 5.11c, Yosemite
1986 Wendego 5.12, Eldorado Canyon
1985 The Naked Edge 5.11, Eldorado Canyon
1983 First climb, Wind Ridge 5.6, Eldorado Canyon


Member of the International Technical Assistance Program Climbing Team to Wadi Rum, Jordan. Antarctica, Member of the US Geological Survey Field Team in the Dry Valleys of South Victorialand, Antarctica. Completed doctoral research on permanently ice-covered Antarctic lakes.

Both professional (as a diatomist) and extremely non-professional (as me) travel to many regions of the world, including Italy, Jordan, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Turkey, Antarctica, Greece, São Tomé and Príncipe (West Africa), New Zealand, Croatia, Taiwan, Chile, Portugal, Egypt, and Argentina.

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