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November 16th, 2021

Director, Polar Science Early Career Community Office

Job Description

We are delighted to announce the launch of a new, US-focused, Polar Science Early Career Community Office, supported by the National Science Foundation, hosted at the University of Colorado as a collaboration between INSTAAR and CIRES. This office is designed to help support and accelerate the work of early career scientists (ECS) and existing ECS organizations with a specific focus on making the polar sciences a more welcoming, inclusive, diverse, and connected community. The office will be a source of funding and grants as well as a supportive network and professional development hub for this field.

We are seeking a full-time Director to lead this office and pursue initiatives to better the polar science community. This position is open to polar science graduates from any discipline. We are also open to a part-time role should a potential director want to maintain externally-funded research. People from groups that have traditionally been excluded from the polar sciences are encouraged to apply. Find out more about the job and how to apply on the CU Jobs website.


Bradley Markle
Assistant Professor