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Courses taught by INSTAAR faculty through our cognate departments.

Current Courses

GEOL 1030 Introduction to Physical Geology Lab Lina Pérez-Angel
GEOL 1030 Introduction to Physical Geology David J. Harning
GEOL 4241 Principles of Geomorphology David J. Harning
CVEN 5333 Physical Hydrology Michael Gooseff
ATOC 1070 Weather and the Atmosphere Laboratory Abigail Smith
ENVS 4100 Special Topics in ENVS: The Marine and the Maritime Atreyee Bhattacharya
ENVS 4800/IAFS 4500 Drought, Climate and Conflict Atreyee Bhattacharya
GEOG 3511 Introduction to Hydrology Sidney Bush
GEOL 4700/5700-008 Organic Geochemistry Julio SepúlvedaPhD
GEOL 5700-030 Geological Topics Seminar: Lipid Biomarkers in the Geosciences Julio SepúlvedaPhD
GEOL 3040 Global Change: The recent geological record Julio SepúlvedaPhD
ATOC1060 Our Changing Environment Alexandra JahnPhD
EBIO 3990 Introduction to EBIO Honors Chris Ray
CVEN-5323 Applied Stream Ecology Garrett Rue
EBIO 6100 Graduate Seminar in Critical Transitions & Resilience Katharine Suding
GEOL 1030 Intro Geology Lab William Armstrong
ATOC 3070 Introduction to Oceanography Christopher Conrad
EBIO 4160/5460 Biogeochemistry Daniel Liptzin
GEOG 4120 Special Topic: Earth’s Critical Zone Eve-Lyn Hinckley
ENVS 4050 Field Studies in Ecosystem Science Eve-Lyn Hinckley
ENVS 5520 Advances in Biogeochemistry Eve-Lyn Hinckley
ENVS/EBIO/GEOL 4160 Biogeochemistry Eve-Lyn Hinckley
GEOG 1011 Environmental Systems 1: Landscapes and Water Anya Byers
NR150 Oceanography Ursula Quillmann
GEOL 4060-5060 Oceanography Jaia Syvitski
EBIO 4800/5800 Intervention Ecology Timothy R. Seastedt
CVEN 3698 Engineering Geology W. Tad Pfeffer
CVEN 5838 Mechanics/Dynamics of Landslides and Rockfalls W. Tad Pfeffer
GEOL 1010 Exploring Earth Irina OvereemDr.
GEOL4700-023 Sedimentary Systems Modeling Irina OvereemDr.
GEOL5700-023 Sedimentary Systems Modeling Irina OvereemDr.
GEOL5702 Geomorphology Seminar Irina OvereemDr.
GEOL4700-123 Field Methods in Earth Surface Processes Irina OvereemDr.
GEOL 5420 Quaternary Dating Methods Gifford H. Miller
CVEN 5838-001 Rockfalls and Avalanches Gifford H. Miller
CVEN 5323 Applied Stream Ecology Diane M. McKnight
GEOL 5420 Quaternary Dating Methods Scott J. Lehman
EBIO 2040 Principles of Ecology William D. Bowman
EBIO 4100 Field Ecology William D. Bowman
EBIO/ENVS 4340 Conservation Biology and Practice in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest (Education Abroad Global Seminar, Maymesters) Timothy KittelPhD
EBIO 4100 Winter Ecology (Mountain Research Station Field Course, Spring semesters) Timothy KittelPhD
EBIO 4100 Vegetation Ecology (Mountain Research Station Field Course, Summers) Timothy KittelPhD
GEOG 4201/ENVS 4201 Biometeorology Danielle Perrot
GEOL 155 Oceanography Whitney Doss
GEOG 5700 Geomorphology Seminar Robert S. Anderson
GEOL 2001 Planet Earth Robert S. Anderson
GEOL/GEOG 4241 Geomorphology Robert S. Anderson
GEOL 5100 Geomechanics Robert S. Anderson
GEOL 5700 Modeling Landscapes Robert S. Anderson
ENVS/GEOL 3520 Environmental Issues in Geosciences James W. C. White
Ecology and Systematics of Diatoms Sarah A. Spaulding
ENVS/GEOG 4201 Biometeorology Noah P. Molotch
GEOG 1001 Climate & Vegetation Noah P. Molotch
GEOG/GEOL 4093/5093 Remote Sensing of Environment Noah P. Molotch
GEOG 5100-002 Writing and Presenting in Physical Science Holly R. Barnard
GEOG 1011 Environmental Systems II: Landscapes and Water Suzanne Prestrud Anderson
GEOG 4261 Glaciers and Permafrost Suzanne Prestrud Anderson
GEOG/GEOL 4241 Principles of Geomorphology Suzanne Prestrud Anderson
GEOL 5430 Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology (alternate Falls) Thomas M. Marchitto Jr.PhD

Past Courses

ATOC 1060 Our Changing Environment Christopher Wyburn-Powell
GEOG 1011 Environmental Systems: Landscapes and Water Erin Cantrell
ATOC3050 Principles of Weather Patricia DeRepentignyMSc.
ATOC1070 Weather and Atmosphere Laboratory Patricia DeRepentignyMSc.
EBIO 1230 General Biology I Lab Kelsey
GEOG 1001 Climate and Vegetation Kelsey
EBIO 1050 Intro Biology - A Human Approach Joel Singley
ENVS 4050 Field Methods in Ecosystem Science Joel Singley
EBIO 1240 General Biology Lab 2 Joel Singley
EBIO 1230 General Biology Lab 1 Joel Singley
ENVS 5100 Pedagogy for Future Faculty Joel Singley
ENVM 5001 Foundations of Environmental Leadership Joel Singley
GEOG 1011 Environmental Systems 2: Landscapes & Water Sidney Bush
GEOG 1001 Environmental Systems 1: Climate & Vegetation Sidney Bush
ATOC5051 Introduction to Physical Oceanography Alexandra JahnPhD
ATOC6800 Scientific Writing Alexandra JahnPhD
ATOC4850/ATOC5850 Numerical Methods Laboratory Alexandra JahnPhD
ENVS-4800 Mineral Development in the Rockies Garrett Rue
EBIO-1220 General Biology II Garrett Rue
ATOC-1050 Weather and Atmosphere Garrett Rue
ENVS-3173 Creative Climate Change Communication Garrett Rue
Ecosystem Field Studies (Colorado) Garrett Rue
1030 Introduction to Geology Sarah E. Crump
PHY2023 Earth's Climate and Carbon Cycle Caroline Alden
GEOL3090 Developing Scientific Writing Skills Caroline Alden
GEOL1030 Introduction to Geology Lab Caroline Alden
GEOG3251 Mountain Geography Rory CowiePhD
ENVS 1000 Intro to Environmental Studies Rachel Gabor
EBIO 2040 Principles of Ecology Samantha Rose Weintraub
EBIO 1030 General Biology Samantha Rose Weintraub
PSCI 5108 & ATOC 7500 Context & Climate Change Leanne Lestak
GEOL 5240 Remote Sensing Data Analysis Leanne Lestak
GEOL 4093/5093 Remote Sensing of the Environment Leanne Lestak
Arctic Network National Parks Service Hands-On Orthoimagery Workshop Leanne Lestak
WAS*IS Australia Workshop Leanne Lestak
GIS Applications Courses, Barrow High School Leanne Lestak
GIS and Computer Cartography Leanne Lestak
Remote Sensing course for Teachers Leanne Lestak
GEOG1001 Climate and Vegetation Dominik Schneider
GEOG3511 Introduction to Hydrology Dominik Schneider
GEOL 4843 Independent Study, Sedimentology Jaia Syvitski
GEOL 5847 Independent Study, Hydrology Jaia Syvitski
GEOL 5700 Geological Topics Seminar Jaia Syvitski
GEOL 5852 Independent Study, GIS and Remote Sensing Jaia Syvitski
EBIO 3270 Ecosystem Ecology Timothy R. Seastedt
EBIO 4800-5800 Critical Thinking (Novel Ecosystems) Timothy R. Seastedt
EBIO 6100 Graduate Seminar Group: Biotic Change Timothy R. Seastedt
CVEN 4718/5718 Mechanics/Dynamics of Glaciers W. Tad Pfeffer
GEOL/GEOG 5700 Surface Process Modeling: Applying the CSDMS Modeling Tool Scott D. Peckham
GEOG 5700 Surface Process Modeling: applying the CSDMS Modeling Tool Irina OvereemDr.
Geological Modeling Irina OvereemDr.
Reservoir Geological Fieldwork Irina OvereemDr.
Sedimentary Geology and Tectonic Processes of the Ganges-Brahmaputra River System Irina OvereemDr.
River and Coastal System Modeling Irina OvereemDr.
ANTH 4 North Atlantic Peoples and Cultures Astrid E. J. Ogilvie
Sch for Intl Training Iceland and Greenland: Climate Change and the Arctic Astrid E. J. Ogilvie
Univ Iceland Society and Environment in Mývatnssveit Astrid E. J. Ogilvie
Svartárkot Culture-Nature Prj Human Ecology and culture at Lake Myvatn 1700-2000 Astrid E. J. Ogilvie
10 ECTS Environmental Memory and Change in Medieval Iceland Astrid E. J. Ogilvie
GEOL 1060-003 Global Change: An Earth Science Perspective Gifford H. Miller
GEOL 5700 Holocene Nonlinearities Gifford H. Miller
GEOL 3040-003 Geological Record of Global Change Gifford H. Miller
GEOL 5420-003 Quaternary Geochronology/Quaternary Stratigraphy Gifford H. Miller
GEOL 5700-001 Volcanism in the Arctic System Gifford H. Miller
CVEN 3434 Introduction to Applied Ecology Diane M. McKnight
CVEN 3454 Water Chemistry Diane M. McKnight
CVEN 5454 Environmental Engineering Chemistry Diane M. McKnight
CVEN 6404 Advanced Aquatic Chemistry Diane M. McKnight
GEOL 5700-011 Super-Problems in Quaternary Climate Scott J. Lehman
GEOL 5845-900 Independent Study, Geochemistry Scott J. Lehman
GEOL/ENVS 352 Environmental Issues in the Geosciences Scott J. Lehman
EBIO 6100 Ecology of Plant-Soil Interactions William D. Bowman
GEOG 4321 Snow Hydrology Danielle Perrot
Introductory Biology Lab Janet Sullivan Prevéy
ANTH 101D Anthropology and the Human Experience Craig M. LeePhD
ANTH 351 North American Archaeology Craig M. LeePhD
ANTH 4020/5020 Paleoindian Archaeology Craig M. LeePhD
ATOC3600 Principles of Climate Brian Seok
ATOC1070 Weather and the Atmosphere Laboratory Brian Seok
GEOG 1001 Climate and Vegetation John Knowles
GEOG 1011 Landscapes and Water John Knowles
GEOG 3251 Mountain Geography John Knowles
GEOG 3601/ENVS 3600/ATOC 3600 Principles of Climate John Knowles
GEOG 4241/GEOL 4241 Principles of Geomorphology John Knowles
GEOG 3511 Introduction to Hydrology John Knowles
GEOL 1030 Introduction to Geology Whitney Doss
EBIO 4460 International Perspectives on Climate Change Whitney Doss
GEOL 3950 Natural Catastrophes and Geological Hazards Robert S. Anderson
GEOL 5700 Advanced Geomorphology Robert S. Anderson
ENVS 1000 Introduction to Environmental Studies James W. C. White
ENVS 3930 Internship in Environmental Studies James W. C. White
ENVS 4990 Senior Thesis in Environmental Studies James W. C. White
ENVS 5900 Carbon, Climate, and Society James W. C. White
GEOL 1070 Global Change James W. C. White
GEOL 1110 Global Change Lab James W. C. White
GEOL 5700 Environmental Isotopes James W. C. White
GEOL 5700 Current Literature in Global Change Research James W. C. White
GEOG 5241 Topics in Physical Geography: Advanced Methods in Snow Measurement Noah P. Molotch
FYSM 1000 Controversies and Revolutions in the Earth Sciences Nicole S. Lovenduski
ATOC 1060 Our Changing Environment Nicole S. Lovenduski
ATOC/GEOL 3070 Introduction to Oceanography Nicole S. Lovenduski
ATOC 4200/5200 Biogeochemical Oceanography Nicole S. Lovenduski
ATOC 5300 The Global Carbon Cycle Nicole S. Lovenduski
GEOG 4371/5371 Forest Geography Holly R. Barnard
GEOG 1001 Environmental Systems I: Climate and Vegetation Holly R. Barnard
GEOG 3511 Introduction to Hydrology Holly R. Barnard
GEOG 5100 The Earth's Critical Zone Holly R. Barnard
GEOG 5241 Stable Isotopes in Environmental Science Holly R. Barnard
GEOG 5241 Ecohydrology and Soils Holly R. Barnard
GEOG 5700 Geomorphology Seminar Suzanne Prestrud Anderson
GEOG 5100-005 Special Topic, Earth’s Critical Zone Suzanne Prestrud Anderson
GEOL 3070 Introduction to Oceanography (every Spring) Thomas M. Marchitto Jr.PhD
GEOL 4270/5270 Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry (alternate Falls) Thomas M. Marchitto Jr.PhD
GEOL 5420 Quaternary Dating Methods (Spring 2011) Thomas M. Marchitto Jr.PhD
GEOL 5700 Seminar in Paleoclimate (intermittent Springs) Thomas M. Marchitto Jr.PhD
GEOL 5701 Super-Problems in Quaternary Climate (Fall 2008, Spring 2010, Spring 2014) Thomas M. Marchitto Jr.PhD