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Explore Our Science

Science for Older Students:

  • Act on Climate

    Take effective personal action

    Step through this CU website to see best actions and change your climate footprint

  • Proxy Pals

    Trading card game

    Collect sets of critter and environment cards and challenge your fellow scientists

  • Citizen science and pikas

    Monitor pika in the alpine

    Collect data about this key indicator species for climate change in the high alpine

  • From the Field: Pikas!

    Follow us on our pika adventures

    Meet the students of Team Pika, and come along on their adventures in the high alpine

  • TundraCam

    Steerable mountain webcam

    Niwot Ridge LTER camera surveys the tundra, Continental Divide, and experiments outside the Tundra Lab.

  • Abrupt Impacts of Climate Change

    Anticipating Surprises

    Delve into a new report on large shifts in climate that can take place within decades or even years

  • Biotic Change on the Front Range

    Weeds and Weevils Unit - High School

    Case studies of invasive plants and biological control agents in a hands-on high school science unit

  • The Last Degrees

    A Grad Student's Life on Antarctica

    Come along on Alex Mass' adventures in the highest latitudes and coldest temperatures on Earth

  • Stream Team Adventures in Antarctica

    Virtually visit the Dry Valleys

    Read grad student Alia Khan's posts on the New York Times "Scientist at Work" blog

  • 120 Seconds of Science with Doc Ryan

    Videos explore climate concepts

    Dive into CU labs and research sites to answer climate change questions from Colorado teachers, students

  • Carbon Tracking

    Real-time greenhouse gas monitoring

    See CO2 measurements around the world from NOAA's Earth System Research Lab

  • Boulder Creek CZO Fly-Through

    Google Earth tour & interactive map

    Swoop through our Critical Zone Observatory research sites