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Alaskan Coastal Erosion

In Alaska, the coastal bluffs along the Beaufort Sea, between Point Barrow and Prudhoe Bay, are eroding in a hurry. Shrinking sea ice, warming seawater, and increased wave activity are eroding the coast by 50 feet (15 meters) per year. Comparison with aerial photos and remote sensing imagery suggest that the rate of erosion has accelerated over the last few decades. INSTAAR scientists are conducting a multi-year study of the phenomenon.

Videos include time-lapse photos of the coast at Drew Point over the course of summer seasons (July 2008, mid-July-August 2009, and August-September 2010) and a discussion by lead scientist Robert Anderson.

Andy Revkin picked up these videos in a 2008 Dot Earth post on the New York Times web site.

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