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Greenland Rivers

The Greenland Ice Sheet is melting and its meltwater contributes to global sea level rise. Greenland's rivers drain the meltwater and thus they are indicators of the rapid changes. In this project we combine satellite observations and modeling to assess river dynamics. To calibrate the measurements from space wecollect field data in West-Greenland. We installed a river station at the Naujatkuat River in SW Greenland in 2010-2011 and it has been monitoring river flow ever since.

Braided River drains Greenland IcecapPondering River Dynamics the Greenland Ice Sheet marginWe are dropped off near our field site in Ameralik fjordBattery for field station needs to be brought in!View of the Naujatkuat river discharge stationBen checks the sensorsCasting a LISST; an instrument to measure grainsize in the river plume

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