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Kennicott Glacier Fieldwork 2012

Photos from the 2012 field season on the Kennicott Glacier near McCarthy, AK. We installed 5 GPS monuments on the glacier as well as several water level loggers and time-lapse cameras on ice marginal lakes and on the outlet stream. We will use data from these instruments to investigate the linkage between subglacial water pressure and basal sliding. These data will inform future modelling work.

Flying onto the Kennicott GlacierBase camp in the eveningInstalling a GPS monumentGPS antenna and AndyLogger equipment to measure air temperature and surface ablationBob Anderson and Katy Barnhart installing a time-camera near Hidden Creek LakeGPS monument after 2 months of meltKennicott River after the Hidden Creek Lake outburst flood"Bathtub rings" showing the highest stage the outburst flood reachedKennicott Glacier from the air

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