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Mountain Hydrology Group - Profiler probe - 2009

The experimental spectral profiler probe is designed to measure snow grain size vertical profiles without the need to dig a snow pit. The device operates using a similar principle as that of contact spectroscopy (Painter et. al., J. Glaciology, 2007), wherein grain size is determined by the shape of the near infrared reflectance spectrum.  Development of this probe is a joint effort between the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and INSTAAR, and is led by Dan Berisford (JPL) and Noah Molotch (INSTAAR). Photos were taken during the Storm Peak Laboratory field campaign which is located at Steamboat Springs, Colorado and one photo was taken on Niwot Ridge, which is west of Boulder, Colorado. Photos were taken in February, 2009. Photo subjects are Dan Berisford, Jen Petrzelka and Alexandra Arnsten. Photos were taken by Dan Berisford. VIEW PHOTOS IN FULL SCREEN MODE (put cursor over photo, full screen icon will appear, click on it.)

Dan Berisford and Jen Petrzelka use a profiler probe to record grain size profiles. Photo: Dan Berisford. Taken during a Feb. 2009 field campaign at Storm Peak Laboratory in Steamboat Springs, CO.The profiler probe in action vs. nearby snowpit measurements. Photo: Dan Berisford. Probe held by Alexandra Arnsten and snowpit by Jen Petrzelka. February 2009.Dan Berisford and Jen Petrzelka transport the probe cross-country during a field campaign to Niwot Ridge. Photo: Dan Berisford, April 2009.