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Andrews Changes in sediment provenance and oceanography across the Denmark Strait over the last 2000 cal yr BP: An ongoing study talk
Appleton Tree-Ring Dating and Glacial Stratigraphy of the mid Holocene History of Wachusett Inlet, Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, SE Alaska poster
Arnold Hydro-climate and sediment variations at Allison Lake, south-central Alaska. poster
Badding When glaciers left, and when they came back: New 10Be ages on deglaciation and Neoglaciation in the Brooks Range, Arctic Alaska talk
Barker On the spatial distribution of glacial erosion rates in the St. Elias Mountains, Alaska talk
Becker The ecology of decaying ice-wedges: novel habitats in a polar desert poster
Bigelow A High Resolution Study of Historical Climate Changes and Human Impacts on the North Atlantic - North Sea Boundary: The Shetland Islands Climate and Settlement Project talk
Boldt A Lacustrine Record of Middle- to Late-Holocene Glaciation from Kurupa Lake, North-Central Brooks Range, Arctic Alaska talk
Brigham-Grette Western Arctic Vulnerability to Climate Variability over the past 3.6 Myr: A New View from sediments drilled at Lake El’gygytgyn, Western Beringia talk
Briner Using reworked bivalves and proglacial-threshold lakes to constrain Greenland ice margin change during the Holocene: New results from Upernavik Isstrøm talk
Campbell Strain Rate Estimates on Mount Hunter, Alaska: What Causes Crevassing at an Ice Divide? talk
Ceperley Using clay mineralogy to analyze sediment sources, Kronebreen and Kongsvegen glaciers, Svalbard, Norway poster
Christensen Volcanic, anthropogenic, and climatic influences on Holocene ecosystem dynamics using multiple proxy analyses of a lake sediment core from Vestra Gíslholtsvatn, Southwestern Iceland poster
Dąbski Roughness of glacially abraded boulders measured with use of Handysurf E35-B electronic profilometer and its potential for relative dating: a case of Fláajökull moraines (SE Iceland) talk
Ebert The impact of glacial erosion on northern shields talk
Fyke Coupled ice sheet/climate simulations of Greenland evolution in high-CO2 conditions: sensitivity to modelled polar amplification talk
Geirsdottir Paleomagnetic Synchronization and Land – Sea Paleoclimatic Correlations from Iceland talk
Gjermundsen Late Weichselian Ice sheet configuration in Northwest Spitsbergen, from 10Be dating and lithological studies of erratic boulders and bedrock talk
Holmquist Tracing Growing Degree-Days and CO2 Concentration using *Betula glandulosa* Leaf Cuticle Characteristics poster
Jennings Two-Step Deglaciation of the Umanak Trough, West Greenland poster
Kathan Sedimentary and geochemical evidence of recent marine transgression in the sediments of a hypersaline coastal basin, Shellabear Lake, Melville Island, Northwest Territories talk
Krawiec A comparison of two lake sediment records on Adak Island, Alaska and the potential for a reconstructing precipitation to 2 ka poster
Kreutz Kreutz Developing K-5 and public outreach products for Alaskan glaciology and sea level using the iPad App platform poster
Larsen Non-linear Holocene climate evolution in the North Atlantic: a high-resolution, multi-proxy record of glacier activity and environmental change from Hvítárvatn, central Iceland talk
Liptak Propagating Atmospheric Patterns Associated with Sea Ice Motion through the Fram Strait poster
MacLean Marine evidence for a glacial ice stream in Amundsen Gulf, Canadian Arctic Archipelago. poster
Ivanov Mazepa Climate Induced Changes of the Tree-Line Ecotone in the Polar Urals and Impacts on Land-Surface Properties poster
McGregor Fjord-Floor Sedimentology and Geochemistry at the Kronebreen Glacier, Svalbard, Norway: Applying Paleoclimatic Techniques in a Glacimarine Setting poster
Mikkelsen Freshwater runoff and mass transfer from the Greenland Ice Sheet at Kangerlussuaq, West Greenland talk
Miles Signal of Persistent Multidecadal Variability in Wintertime Sea-Ice Records: Linkages to the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation talk
Miller Unprecedented recent summer warmth in Arctic Canada talk
Ogilvie Climate Adaptation in Landscapes and Seascapes of Northern Norway: Challenges and Opportunities talk
Pfeffer Land Ice and Sea Level: Update talk
Pomerleau Foraging ecology and summer feeding grounds of bowhead whales (Balaena mysticetus) in the Eastern Canadian Arctic poster
Powell An Alaskan Cordilleran Ice Sheet refugium in Sitka Sound during the Last Glacial Maximum talk
Quillmann North Atlantic Subpolar Gyre Dynamics in the Absence of Major Freshwater Forcing poster
Rajagopalan Characterizing fjord oceanography near the tidewater glacier faces in Kongsfjorden, Svalbard poster
Roth Submarine Landforms in a Surge-Type Tidewater Glacier Regime, Engelskbukta, Svalbard poster
Rudy Identification of permafrost slope disturbances using multi-temporal imagery and change detection techniques, Cape Bounty, Melville Island, Nunavut talk
Sessford Geomorphological Mapping of Quaternary Landforms and Sediments for Geohazard Assessment in Selected Cultural Heritage Sites on Svalbard talk
Siegel Influence of marine and climatic dynamics on short term calving processes at the Kronebreen-Kongsvegen glacier system, Svalbard poster
St-Amour Holocene dynamics of riparian ecosystems along a subarctic river ( Boniface River, Québec) poster
Truchon-Savard Black Spruce Colonization of Forest-Tundra Snow Patches of Eastern Canada talk
Vachon Workshops positioning youth as film producers of critical global systems: Authentic Arctic content from Northwest Greenland talk
Vaillencourt Hydrogen isotopes of n-alkanoic acids from lake sediments reflect changes in annual precipitation over the 20th century, Adak Island, Alaska. poster
Valletta Monitoring fjord floor sedimentology and geochemistry in an ice-proximal region: A case study from the Kronebreen-Kongsvegen confluent tidewater glacial system poster
Wilbur Phytoliths from Sanak Island, western Gulf of Alaska poster
Wilson Comparative osteohistology of *Pygoscelis* penguins: implications for behavioral and environmental influences on bone growth talk
Xia Assessing Trend and Variation of Arctic Ice Extent during 1979-2010 from an Ice Edge Latitude Perspective poster
Young The Younger Dryas cold interval was not that cold: insights from Baffin Island, Arctic Canada talk
Zander Holocene climatic variability and extent of the Sheridan Glacier inferred from the sediment of Cabin Lake, Alaska poster

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